Über uns

Sam Friday bringt frischen Wind mit sowohl sexy Unterwäsche und Dessous als auch lässigen Loungeitems und Bademode. Sam füllt die Lücke zwischen sexy und sportlich und macht erschwingliche und trotzdem stilvolle Wäsche von hoher Qualität. Jung, voller Energie und selbstbewusst - einfach Sam.


Sam Friday was created around 12 years ago by two guys. They believed that it was time to create something fresh and young in a market that was a bit too dull and mainly ‘for women by women’. Based in Amsterdam, Sam is a small and personal brand with big ideas and international vision. Sam Friday makes lingerie, underwear, swimwear, sportswear, sleepwear, homewear and lots of other cool things to make your life more fashionable and comfortable.

Sam has a youthful mind and an active life, filled with laughs, love, adventure, sports and friends. Friday is named after Venus, the goddess of Love, which is (in) you. And you know Friday is the best day: the last day of the week and the start of your weekend. Exactly underlining the idea of the brand; Weekdays should be comfortable, the weekend can be sexy: the concept of the brand. 

Every piece is designed in house in Amsterdam and made with the finest workmanship by the best manufacturers around the globe. We don’t make millions of products, we keep things small, limited-edition, personal and unique. 

We hope you wear Sam with as much love as we put into making it! Spread the love on social. By using #samfriday you have a chance to win goodies every month! 

Love, Sam